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If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed because you don’t see the essence or just because you haven’t found time for it, you are putting yourself at risk of so many health issues.

Dentists recommend that everyone gets their wisdom teeth removed because they are prone to complications that may be costlier and more complicated to get around.

That said, it is not 100 percent guaranteed that you will develop gum and jaw complications just because you still have your wisdom teeth. Some people have enough jaw space to accommodate the healthy growth of four more teeth. If you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed yet, here’s how to know if an extraction is necessary:

Incessant pain – Pain and tenderness in the back of your mouth is a sign your teeth have been impacted. Such pain never goes away, and it is only wise that you get the teeth extracted before it gets worse.

Teeth pointing towards adjacent molars – Due to lack of enough space on the jawline of most modern humans, wisdom teeth may erupt pointing towards the second molars. This may cause damage on the molars or cause them to shift around weakening your jawbone and increasing your susceptibility to bacterial infections.

Jaw stiffness or swelling – If you experience either of these symptoms on the gum tissues around partially erupted wisdom teeth, it is a sign you have a bacterial infection. Extraction is the best way to prevent recurrence and spread of the infection to other mouthparts.

Decay – Cleaning wisdom teeth can be difficult due to their positioning at the back end of your jawline. This may cause decay over time and prompt you to have them removed.

If you are contemplating having your wisdom teeth removed, our Smile Dental Care dentist in Roselle, IL can help determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Call us at (855) 556-6471 today to schedule your appointment.

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